Sunday, June 7, 2015

Comment on Hannity show of Fox News channel about "is Islam inciting violence"

Mr. Hannity,
I watched your show yesterday when you had two guests, one of them you called "Imam", the other was a respectable lady who recited some verses of the holy Koraan describing them as inciting violence for killing those unbelievers.
I would like to state that the lady was right in her translation or interpretation of the verses that they appear to be inciting violence; but here is what should have been explained by the Imam:
The holy Koraan being more like a constitution to Moslems rather than a law, so there are many other verses in Koraan inciting forgiveness as opposed to violence, a man should choose between alternatives at each step of his life, and be held responsible for his decision before god and community.
Let me point that the Prophet Mohammed has decided in a war to kill the prisoners, and in another war decided to let go any one that teaches reading to someone, while in a third decided to set them unconditionally free and unharmed. These decisions were all Islam, a man has only to choose between alternatives.
Let me conclude here that fifteen hundred years ago there was no prisons or rehabilitation facilities, so killing, amputating hands and other punishable orders were at that time inevitable, today its different, and hence humanity should behave consequently.
Let me make my point, the peoples of the Islamic states have for so long been patronized and bullied by their rulers, who incited ignorance as opposed to education, poverty as opposed to welfare programs in such a way that violence seemed the possible solution for vast uneducated faction of the community , specially as governments became weaker, more corrupt and incapable of keeping law and order.
It was very wrong for the major countries to participated in weakening governments in such a way for terrorists to assume control or power equal to the government's.
The point is education of the peoples, their life cannot progress without it, they just do not know it yet, but they are sending a clear message to the western world that says "after we knew from the media the western way of life, we will not let you live it unless you pull us out of our miseries"
Their miseries can only be solved when democracy is installed, with true transparency and equal rights for everyone, but democracy can only come in due time, and must be taken, or rarely offered; until it comes western countries must not interfere helping a faction over another, but must enforce any authority that is actually ruling provided it can keep law and order, waiting for the dawn of democracy to enlighten every country.       

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