Thursday, July 3, 2014

comment on CNN Hala Gorani pogram

Dear Hala Gorani
I was watching your program on CNN at 9.30pm local time today, where you hosted a two Egyptians discussing the political standoff in Egypt, I Admired what both of them said, specially the girl as young as she is.
I wish to comment on this by the following article.
To start I do not know why are we discussing the Morsi issue here and now; he was democratically elected, he did bad through one year of his presidency where Egypt do not have the luxury of extended time. He did not provide a legitimate  way of impeachment, and this act is the exact definition of dictatorship; so he was removed.
Now Egypt has another democratically elected president, weather he is doing well or doing bad is actually the issue to be discussed now.
He has not yet provided a parliament which is a first necessary step for providing some sort of democracy, but then it has only been a month since his election; he did not win elections over an economical plan, his steps on that score up until now were not in the right direction like raising taxes to balance the budget instead of cutting expenses, also taking the money from the hands of those who can provide jobs and dumping it on the laps of the government where it is not helping production; but then again it is only a month since he assumed presidency.
On the political arena it is not Morsi or Sisi that matter, the only thing that matter is that the economy advances.
Let me tell you that democracy is not the target, it is rather the only known way for countries to progress, and that one has to apply it as exactly as it was stated in political science, checks and balances among every other aspect.
I know it is difficult to grant freedom to the people, but I know as well that denying them liberties and human rights always undermine the economy and the progress of a country.

That is how severe is the standoff in Egypt, not to mention that it is the only country that has two presidents in jail.  

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