Saturday, October 26, 2013

Comment on article by Nour Yousef on Arabist October 26, 2013

Comment on article by Nour Yousef on October 26, 2013

To describe Beblawy's government as "trembling hands" is a description that eludes precision, in fact, can anyone else do more to "stop everything from getting worse" as you quoted? I think not, but I will give reasons that do not mean that I support him, or adversaries in anyway.
First of all, does he have a mandate to make Egypt a better place to live? He certainly wants to, but does he have the mandate to do so?
A mandate is given by the nation, not by a part of the nation. A nation is defined as a body of men, or society, somehow organized, come together and by democratic proceedings, vest power to some men to take favorable construction to be put on those proceedings to better their life. Only then the government has a mandate by which it can enforce stability. Depriving a part of the society you assume of their aspirations, always lead to unrest.
A mandate given, approved or supported by a part of a claimed society, is a first step into dividing the society into two societies after a period of unrest.

Rules are made to obtain results, given some small power, you can bend the rules, but then you never reap the results, next you lose whatever power you enjoyed, remember we have been there shortly before.

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