Thursday, July 4, 2013

answer to was it a coup ?

To the kind attention of Rosemary Church of the CNN
I noted your question this morning to Mr. Abdel Rahman about was it a coup or not, and I would like to answer that question for the protesters.
let me highlight the following points
1. He drafted a constitution in one night by a single wing comity after several resignations.
2. He did not call for elections of the people's assembly, blaming the constitutional court for discrediting  the election law presented by him several times mainly because the elections by party list of contenders did not provide a fair chance for the contenders, please note that the constitutional court has in the last three decades discredited three times such a law. All he had to do is copy the elections law of the 1971 constitution that has not been discredited.
3. the absence of the people's assembly does not give a legitimate path to impeach the president which is the democratic rule when the president goes wild.
4. He did not give any solutions to the economic crisis, not even a sustainable plan. that resulted in the suffering of the less fortunate in such a way that we could not afford to let him go for another three years, we do not dare.

let me call it a necessary coup that has been asked for not only by millions of protesters, but also called for by the ousted president himself through the steps show above.        

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