Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Dear Sir,
You did an excellent job moderating the discussion of the two parties of Egypt, even when you had a party that gave lectures instead of direct answers to your questions.
I would like to point out a major argument, necessary to come to better understand the situation. Mr. Morsi during one year did spend about 16 billion $ of our money in addition to another 11 billion $ he borrowed that our sons will have to pay back, non of this money was spent in the best interest of the Egyptian people. We cannot afford to give him another 3 years, we do not dare.
As for his ousting, I would like to point that he did not provide us with any legitimate course, constitutional or else, to impeach him for wrong doing or bad administration, this is the exact definition of dictatorship, when you have a ruler that you cannot remove from power. We, then, were forced to go to the streets, and ask for the help of the army, hoping for the best, but on the other hand, if the army should transform to another dictatorship, we will move once more to remove them from power as we removed the last three administrations.


  1. Dear Abdel Salam El-Shazly,
    In your response above you mentioned that Dr. Morsi did not provide a legitimate course for impeachment and by doing so he becomes a dictator, Unfortunately this is an inaccurate statement and leads to a false conclusion . Please read Egypt's constitution of 2012 which passed by the majority of Egyptian voters and it states in articles 151-154 and in particular article 152 the procedure followed for impeaching the president for committing a crime or for treason. It states in Arabic:
    يكون اتهام رئيس الجمهورية بارتكاب جناية أو بالخيانة العظمى؛ بناء على طلب
    موقع من ثلث أعضاء مجلس النواب على األقل؛ وال يصدر قرار االتهام إال بأغلبية ثلثى
    أعضاء المجلس.
    وبمجرد صدور هذا القرار يوقف رئيس الجمهورية عن عمله؛ ويعتبر ذلك مانعا
    مؤقتا يحول دون مباشرة رئيس الجمهورية الختصاصاته حتى صدور الحكم.
    ويحاكم رئيس الجمهورية أمام محكمة خاصة يرأسها ر ئيس مجلس القضاء األعلى
    وعضوية أقدم نواب رئيس المحكمة الدستورية العليا ومجلس الدولة وأقدم رئيسين بمحاكم
    االستئناف، ويتولى االدعاء أمامها النائب العام؛ ذا قام بأحدهم مانع حل محله من يليه
    فى األقدمية.
    اذا حكم بإدانة رئيس

    وينظم القانون إجراءات التحقيق والمحاكمة ويحدد العقوبة؛ و
    الجمهورية أعفى من منصبه مع عدم اإلخالل بالعقوبات األخرى.
    A copy of the constitution is available at the family FB page under "files": Unfortunately only group members can follow this link, however there are many other resources for this constitution.

    Therefore, based on the above Dr. Morsi should not be described as a dictator. Actually in my opinion the opposite is true for the following reasons:
    1. He announced for parliamentary elections to elect one of the branches of the legislative branch. (Senate), although elections were blocked by a court order.
    2. The emergency law, which was effective for the 30 years of Mubarak's rule has been canceled. Emergency law became effective again after ousting of Morsi.
    3. There has been no arrests of opposition and no punishment for opposition. On the contrary, they were invited to share in solving problems such as the Ethiopian dam and the constitution announcement.
    4. Freedom of speech was promoted. Media, in spite of making fun of the president and criticizing him, were not shut down.
    5. A plan seemed to exist for repairing the ailing economy and promoting tourism as we can predict that from the huge investments in the Suez canal expansion in Port Said as well as numerous other projects.

    People cannot make a judgement on an administration or a president after only one year of taking power. It is premature to determine whether success or failure are expected. For example, in the US what was the outcome after one year when President Obama took office? No progress at all. The economy was even worse and unemployment number kept rising. He promised the people that after 3 years they will start gaining the fruits of his plans. He was right. The people and the army did not throw him out after the first terrible year.
    So my point is that before we make a conclusion we need to verify our information so that we do not mislead others.
    Alaa Kamel

  2. Dear Alaa,
    Your comments were noted, I am well aware of the 2012 constitution, I wrote about its defects in my article ........ I refer you to it if you wish to read.
    1- Parliamentary elections: Morsi was wrong to present a law of elections by list of candidates, and pass it through his majority in the house, where the supreme court ruled it unconstitutional twice, one in Sadat's rule and once in Mubarak's rule, and said both times that list elections do not provide equal fair chances of representation in the parliament houses. All he had to do was to pass a law of individual candidates elections that had never been contradicted by the court. Doing so he would have provided a legitimate path for impeachment.
    2- I am not about to compare Mubarak, Tantawy, Morsi or the current rule, they all have mistakes, and I wrote about each of them.
    3- Inviting opposition is not enough, a president success is measured by his ability to reach out across the isle to other parties and get things done, this is his job, when he proves to be unable and or unwilling to do so, that is reason for his impeachment. Remember this was the difference between president Clinton and Obama.
    4- Freedom of speech: Each regime had some sort of oppression, where I believe that the number of oppressed people should be zero, but this is another issue, I can number to you each regime's oppression.
    5- Plan or no plan, the economy never goes in a horizontal line, its either going up or down, as from last years of Mubarak and up until now we were never going up, and we expect it to go up from day one, we accept nothing less, we deserve it.
    Even though the comparison with US is unfair, US is after all a developed country, but Obama with his many mistakes, had some good deeds, as you mentioned on jobs for instance, but may I remind you that unemployment rates did not jump from 12% down to 8% on one morning after three years of his rule, it was driven step by step everyday. That means that one year without any upgrade equals many steps back and down. We did not elect a president for that result.

  3. Dear Alaa,
    The dots on line 2 is the link
    Thank you