Thursday, August 22, 2013

a comment on Sarah Carr article "with or against us"

Dear Sarah Carr
You wrote in your article "with or against us", what I would like comment on. The slogan of "you're either with or against us" was introduced by President Bush after 9-11. We are not adopting this slogan in Egypt, but I've got news for you, we have modified it to a general behavior that is now adopted by most Egyptians that reads " you're either with us or you deserve to die", both parties are going on doing that, what's worse is that nobody even listens to your argument, the moment you open your mouth to speak they start intervening, speaking instead of listening.

And at this stage you are pointing at media oppression, did you see how the government owned media changed their speech without even changing personnel after July 3rd, you better talk about hypocrisy rather than oppression .        

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